How not to's - Choosing a Gmail address

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The tip i'm about to share with you here might sound like it isn't a tip but believe me it is, and that very tip could help you avoid having to scratch your hair next time you'll want to quick-register on let's say a site like, using your Gmail address...

Let's say you've created a new Gmail address a week ago and it's all fine. But now you're trying to connect toYahoo via your new Gmail addee, such connection procedure being a feature more and more sites tend to offer nowadays, giving users the opportunity to not having to waste 10 mns or more typing registration info by simply allowing them to import their Google or Facebook data.

How not to's - Choosing a Gmail address
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And then it happens, you're denied registration on the ground that, i quote: 'Your Gmail email address contains text string not allowed in Yahoo!'. You start copy-pasting the message to your Google search box as soon as it gets thrown at your face but it won't go, it simply won't go because there are no workarounds for this one. No workarounds other than using a different Gmail address or use your Facebook credentials (if any) or else going for the full registration spin process, which of course wasn't your idea at first.

Such situation happens simply because your Gmail address probably contains a dot between your first name and surname, or an underscore maybe, or any character that Google itself allows at registration time. But take my word for it, a dot is enough to make you wish you had known all this in time.

Chances are this should never happen to you now, now that you know ;).

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